Put Your Hands into Hers

Mary, Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope …

What’s your relationship to Mary, the mother of Jesus? Do you think of Mary as your mother or your queen? What did Jesus say from the wood of the cross about his mother? Do you pray to Mary for your family, loved ones, and yourself?

In Put Your Hands into Hers, author Father Ron Ramson, a Vincentian priest, offers an in-depth look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, a woman who has exemplified a mother’s love, hope, and inspiration. With snippets of Ramson’s life included, it offers interesting, informative, and inspirational insight into the human side of this special woman’s life.

Put Your Hands into Hers demonstrates that Mary is the answer to a messed up world; she is our refuge and our hope. We need Mary; we need a Mother’s love in action. We need her inspiration, truth, compassion, and justice.

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Spiritual Hors d’oeuvres

…whet your spirituality…

How is your spiritual appetite?

In Spiritual Hors d’ouevres author Rev. Ronald Ramson, offers a “few trays” to “whet your spiritual appetite.” With snippets of Ramson’s life mixed in, it offers interesting, provocative, informative “starters” for further reflection.

Spiritual Hors d’oeuvres covers a wide variety of subjects for your prayer and reflection. Bon Appetite!


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