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Put Your Hands into Hers

Mary, Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope …

Is Mary a valid intercessor for today or a relic of the past, nice to know of, nice to look at, but nothing more? What do many pray? “Hail, holy Queen, our life, our sweetness, and out hope.” Does Mary inspire our hearts and minds? Is she a vessel of hope? Do we feel a mother’s love?

Three essential concepts intentionally run through this book, if not explicitly certainly implicitly: a mother’s love, hope, and inspiration.

In all the apparitions of the Mother of Jesus to persons throughout the centuries, she has exemplified three qualities: a mother’s love, hope, and inspiration. Yes, at times, she has given people a mission, but underlying that mission are those salient qualities.

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Spiritual Hors d’oeuvres

…whet your spirituality…

How is your spiritual appetite?

In Spiritual Hors d’ouevres author Rev. Ronald Ramson, offers a “few trays” to “whet your spiritual appetite.” With snippets of Ramson’s life mixed in, it offers interesting, provocative, informative “starters” for further reflection.

Spiritual Hors d’oeuvres covers a wide variety of subjects for your prayer and reflection. Bon Appetite!


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